Safety tips for the New Travelers

Curious to explore the world? Do not forget to be updated on safety features. Here are a few tips which will help you throughout your thrilling experience.

Be Confident

Wanderers like you know where you’re heading, so do a little research about the destination before starting your journey. Always be snappy and cautious, and be more aware of your environment.

Stay Updated with Safety Application

With increase in solo traveling trend, it’s feasible that sooner or later you’ll wind up wandering around a new city, alone. Inform your family or friends who can monitor your movement, when at far away destinations. Use your smartphone to save the local maps or get directions from Google maps on the go. Also there is a free applications available like ‘bSafe’. You can also reach out to city police by dialing at 100, for any assistance.

Be Careful in the Bars

When you’re at a bar or a pub in a new city, pretend that you already know about the place and been there before. Be cautious and aware of your environment. Always watch your drinks, so as to be sure that no abusive substance is mixed. And try not to get intoxicated, as your safety is ultimately is in your own hands.

Take Care of Your Money

Try to keep as little cash, for just your basic needs. Keep duplicate copies of the front and back of the credit/debit cards. Never share your card pin code with anyone, or ask anyone else to in-cash the money for you, from the ATM or the bank. In case of theft, immediately freeze your card and the account, and file an FIR in the nearest police station.

Dress Ethics

When in India, one should follow and respect the local culture and tradition. Do not wear any obscene cloths if you plan to visit any religious establishment or institution, as it is considered an insult to the Gods. Also avoid wearing such cloths which might attract any unwanted troubles when you’re traveling/exploring.

Try not to Let People Distract You

Pick-pocketing and be-fooling is a thing; it truly happens, particularly at tourist hot spots. The guiltless looking lady, or someone pushing a sign or paper in your face for help is frequently an endeavor to find. Keep your valuables out of easy reach, and avoid entertaining any suspicious person.

Take Care of Health

While traveling, if you happen to get a couple of bug chomps or a scratch – make a point to clean and treat them precisely and rapidly. Never neglect any health issue as it can turn into a severe medical problem. Try to eat health and stay fit!

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