Kedar ghat, the Popular ghat in varanasi to visit

The uniqueness of Varanasi lies behind its ghats and temples.  Varanasi, Benaras or Kashi, proudly retains the millennium old cultural and traditional school of values and thought.

The city, respected by the Hindus, Jains and Buddhists alike, for various religious reasons, witnesses frenzy religious acts and rituals performed everyday around the ghats by ardent devotees.

The ghats or banks along river Ganges are the most active places in Varanasi. There are over hundred ghats in the city and each ghat has its own history and distinctiveness. One such famous ghat in the city is the Kedar Ghat.

kedar ghat
kedar ghat

Located on the banks of river #Ganges#KedarGhat is one of the famous #pilgrimage places in the city of Varanasi visited by numerous saints and pilgrims. Near the Kedar Ghat, there is a ParvatiKund, which is a beautiful pond and is believed to have water with high medicinal properties.

Kedar temple varanasi
kedar temple

‘Parvati Kund’ at kedar ghat is a holy ‘well’ that believed to have healing properties.

Adjacent to Kedar ghat is a beautiful Lord Shiva temple, known as Kedareswara temple, built in traditional Hindu architectural style. It is a common belief that any devotee who visits the temple gets his wish fulfilled after praying to the Lord.

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