Banaras Ghats: Must Visit Tourist Places In Varanasi, India

The historical city Varanasi is situated on the banks of the heavenly river Ganges. As Ganges stream is holy to Hindu devotees, Varanasi or Banaras or Kashi remains a heavenly place for each Hindu, since hundreds of years. Pilgrims come to Varanasi to visit temples and to take a sacred dip in the river Ganges, which purifies every one of their sins and soul. Because of significance of sacred plunge, with the progression of time numerous Ghats were created nearby the river.

Along the stream, there are more than fifty Ghats. Truly “arrivals” or banks starts from ‘Assi Ghat’ in the south to ‘Adi Keshava’ in the north, past the Malviya bridge. These Ghats are always crowed with pilgrims from all over the India.

Varanasi is an ancient city of pilgrimage, so the temples and the bathing Ghats are main fascination. The Ghats are the best place to see the enchanting spell of the old-world conventions, and the way of life of the city. People always come here in huge numbers each day to get purified by taking bath into the river and worshiping in the temples which are located near the banks.

“Hundreds of years old convention to offer puja to the rising sun is as still kept up”.

The best time to visit the Ghats is in the dawn time, when pioneers play out the Surya Pranam, submerged abdomen somewhere deep down in the waters of the heavenly Ganges.

People can see the magnificence of Varanasi Ghats when traditional factions are being performed over here. Watching the devotees and the priests performing customs and evening Arti of river Ganges, will surely leave people mesmerized. Numerous senior priests, joining their supporter, and each one of the individuals who is visiting Banaras from various parts of the India and the world, altogether sings Aarti. It will make any person, an enchanting and admirer of this city.

Many of the priests in the front rows, at the edge of Ghats, sing Aarti, holding huge lamps for worship. Innumerable diyas floating over the water stream of sacred Ganges, make bright surrounding and that is why this heavenly splendor given the name “The city of lights”.

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