Incredible Experience of Music in Varanasi

Everybody understands pretty well that, traveling makes you tired, especially when you have a long schedule to get accomplished. To regain energy; you certainly need rest, so that you can enjoy the beauty of the place you desire to explore; and for that, ‘music’ is the best therapy in the world. While talking about India, Indian Classical Music is something, which sooths from deep inside.

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Music is the best medicine that keeps you calm and peaceful and certainly reduces stress quickly.

To get an incredible experience of local music in Varanasi, you may visit any of the music schools that perform music concerts, where each Indian classical Music instrument is played.

Many of the small music schools are located nearby the Varanasi Ghats, which arrange the music
concerts. It makes your touring easy in a way of saving your precious time, like for example, if you’re
visiting Ghats, you can also get the chance of exploring Indian Classical Music. One of the music schools
is situated nearby the Laliata Ghat, namely The Sangeeta Music School, which basically is the home of
the proprietor. The organizers arrange according to your choice of instrument you wish to listen to.

There is also a small Music school with shop fronts, near Pandey Ghat, where one person gives vocal execution while the other one performs sarod execution.

There is a list of some famous music schools in the city where you may discover the real taste of Indian classical music.

  • Taal Music School, Varanasi
  • Sur Sarita, Music School, a Classical Section of Indian Music.
  • Music World Babaji International Art Centre
  • Dive Santoor, Varanasi
  • Jolly Music House
  • Ravi Classical Music Centre
  • Munna Music house
  • Music Paradise Hall
  • Music Ashram

Apart from visiting these music schools, also the organizers like varanasicitytour, who organize your stay at Varanasi, also provide music sessions according to your taste of interest, at your own accommodation whether it is a hotel room or a house.

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