Discovering Music at Varanasi

Enchanting Music in Varanasi

To discover the real taste of music, visit the International Music Centre Ashram, Varanasi.  There you will find more about getting the artistic work of music as a blessing. You’ll be able to tune in to tabla player Shri Keshava Rao Nayak, and santoor player Sri Shivaji Rao Nayak Kevale.  Once the show finished, you’ll be leaving with new gratefulness for the International Music Center Ashram.

A small Description of the instruments played at the AIMCA

Tabla– The tabla is a membranophone percussion instrument which is like bongos. It is regularly used as a part of Indian classical music. It is likewise utilized as a part of customary music of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The instrument comprises of a couple of hand drums of differentiating sizes and timbres. Playing strategies includes broad utilization of the fingers and palms. The foot rear area of the hand is utilized to apply weight on the bigger drum.

Santoor– Indian santoor is an old string melodic instrument local to Jammu and Kashmir, with sources in Persia. A primitive precursor of this sort of instrument was concocted in Mesopotamia (1600-911 BC). The santoor is a trapezoid-formed pounded dulcimer frequently made of walnut. It has seventy two strings. The santoor is played while sitting in an asana. The santoor is put on the lap with the expansive side nearer to the abdomen. Like table, It is also played with both the hands.


Flute– The flute is a group of melodic instrument of the woodwind gathering. A woodwind is a reed less wind instrument that creates its sound from the stream of air over an opening. Woodwinds are the most punctual known melodic instruments.


Aside from these instruments, the artists likewise instruct the sitar. There are traditional move educational costs too which cost INR 150 every hour. This centre is concealed in the twisting boulevards of Bengali Tola, and keeps running by a group of artists. The ashram also hosts exhibitions each Wednesday and Saturday and will abandon you enchanted.



The performances are held each Saturday and Wednesday evening at 8pm.

The building is around 500 years of age and the setting is ideal for sitar, tabla and vocals.

The performers play three things and clarified every one for English talking sightseers.

Additionally, tea is served at interims.

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