These 6 Habits in Navratri can Change Your Life

1. Arouse Your Internal Power

Believe in yourself and you can change the whole world. Human have powers to do anything whatever he wants. The nine day long celebration of deities will be successful only if we know ourselves well and start realizing the energies that lay embedded in us.

2. Find love Within You

Find good habits within you and by this way you can find a reason to love you. Nobody is perfect. Change is the nature. Accept yourself as you are and become loyal to yourself. Concentrate on yourself and you can see your powers. Navratri is the best time ti purify your soul. You have enough time and atmosphere to become a good soul. goddess Durga will sure help you to achieve your dream.

3. Think better

People become as they think. We keep fast during navratris. But we should first try an take an oath that during these pious days we should not create a single negative thought for ourself or for others.

4. Share Your Problems With Your Family

We pray to goddess to bring peace, harmony and prosperity in the house.Family is above everything and it will enhance your power and help you to achieve your goals. If you have not called your parents since long then do so, talk out differences with your kids, make your partner understand your take on certain issues.

5. Give Up Bad Habits

Its very complicated to define a bad habits in ourselves. During these auspicious nine days take an oath to give up any one habit. That can be as simple as watching late night television, biting nails (well this habit is really unhealthy too), breaking the traffic rules etc. After all God helps those who help themselves, so we can expect God’s help only when we try and help ourselves a bit.

6. Take a day’s off

Just imagine you have placed a diya full of desi ghee, fruits, dry fruits, kheer etc in front of the deity and none of you are present in the house. The house is full of fragrance of the incense sticks, diya etc but with no family member present. Take a day or half off from your busy work schedule and spend quality time with your family. Praying together is a great way to bond or re bond with the family.

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