Sankat Mochan Temple: Lord Hanuman hero of all super heros

Sankat Mochan Temple is committed to the Lord Hanuman. This temple likewise is called as the Monkey temple, as a result of the huge presence of monkeys inside the premises. It is one of the heavenly sanctuaries of the Lord Hanuman, and the primary area for Hindus for their numerous religious and additionally social celebrations. It is situated in the southern part of the Varanasi, in transit to the Durga Mandir and New Vishwanath sanctuary BHU, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

History of Sankat Mochan Temple Varanasi

The temple was built by the educationist and opportunity contender Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya, in the mid-1900s. The Hanuman Jayanti is commended each year by carrying out a unique Shobha Yatra (a parade) from Durga sanctuary (Durga Kund) to the Sankat Mochan Temple.

It is viewed as the temple was worked from the time when Goswami Tulsidas had a dream of the Hanuman. The temple was built and established by the holy person Goswami Tulsidas (the creator of the Ramacharitamanas).

Why to Visit?

The Sankat Mochan Sangeet Samaroh (established music and move show festivity) happens each year in the long stretch of April. In this festival, incredible artists and entertainers from across the India comes to partake.

The Sankat Mochan Temple opens at 5:00 am early in the day and shut down at 10:00 pm in the night. The aarti timings are 4 AM toward the beginning of the day (Subah Aarti); 9 PM in the night (Sandhya Aarti).

The temple is easily accessible from anywhere in the city, as there is a great frequency of auto rickshaw and Tuk-Tuk.

A large number of aficionados from across the world have common conviction that if they offer pooja at the sacred Sankat Mochan Temple, they will get their craving satisfied, and in addition get alleviated from all sort of problems and issues. They will discover the method for advancement, achievement, and flourish in their life. Two days of the week (Tuesday and Saturday) is considered as the greatest day to offer Pooja to the Lord Hanuman.

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