The lighting up of lamps along the Ganges on Dev Deepawali will Mesmerize you

Dev deepawali or diwali is celebrated specially in Varanasi every year .It falls in November month after fifteen days of deepawali or diwali every year. Deepawali and Dev Deepawali or Diwali Deepawali and Dev deepawali is co related to each other both are the festival of lights ,but first is celebrated by each hindus in their homes with relaives and family members but second is celebrated in groups with many societies and government at Varanasi ‘s ghats

Legendry history of Deepawali

Deepawali is celebrated by hindus in India every year ,deepawali is a festival of lights, there is a legend behind this light festival that lord Rama returned back from his exile killing the Rawana the king of demons (in treta yug ),therefore the people decorated the whole kingdom with the lights the earthen lamps with oil and the whole kingdom looks like bride ,and from that day the whole India celebrate this day as a light festival every year.

Myths of Dev deepawali

It is said that the deepawali or diwali is celebrated by people and Dev deepawali is celebrated by gods.As its name refers that dev means gods (in hindu religion ) and deepawali means (diyas) the earthen lamps lits with oil and cotton.there is many myths and legends behind this festival .It is said that gods decend to the earth and welcome to lord Vishnu (Krishna) who wakes up from his long six month asleep or rest in ksheersagar and comes to his dham (home) bakunth . And another legend or myth is that lord Shiva killed the demon Tripura so gods decend in Varanasi and decorate and lit the diys (the earthen lamps ),so it is also called the deepdan means people also offers and lit the earthen lamps at the ghats of varanasi .It is maintained that people should lit 30 diyas at least (earhen lamps)on this pure day so all the pilgrims lit the diys at the ghats in Varanasi. Apart from the light decorations and colourful rangolis, various cultural events like classical music concerts are also held on the ghats. It is a big day for the city.

Main Rituals of this day

The main rituals performed by devotees consist of kartik snan(taking a holy bath in the Ganges during Kartika) and deepdan (offering of oil lighted lamps) to Ganga in the evening. The Ganga aarti is also performed in the evening.

Programs of the day

The 5 day festivals starts on Prabodhini Ekadashi (11th lunar day of Kartika) and concludes on Kartik Poornima. Besides a religious role, the festival is also the occasion when the martyrs are remembered at the ghats by worshipping Ganga and lighting lamps . The traditional last post is also performed by all the three armed forces (Army, Navy and Air force), followed by a closing ceremony, On the night of the festival, thousands of devotees from the holy city of Varanasi, surrounding villages, and across the country gather in the evening on the ghats of the Ganges to watch the aarti. The local government makes several intensive security arrangements to ensure order during the festival. Apart from the aarti at the Dashameshwar Ghat, all buildings and houses are lit with earthen lamps. Nearly 100,000 pilgrims visit the riverfront to watch the river aglitter with lamps. The aarti is performed by 21 young Brahmin priests and 24 young women. The rituals involve chanting hymns, rhythmic drum beating, conch shell blowing, and brazier burning. Boat rides (in boats of all sizes) along the riverfront in the evening are popular among tourists, when all the ghats are lit with lamps and aarti is being performed.

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