Female Tour Guide: Taking Tours & Challenging Conventions, All In A Day’s Work


She will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the cycle rickshaw or taxi. So your beautiful trip starts with our female tour guide just after you leave your hotel room. Varanasi is known for old temples and heritage walk. So your tour begins with heritage walk sitting on some steps outside a temple and pictures for a brief history lesson about what were we going to see.

She will also teach tourists about the architecture, spirituality, and customs of Indian culture, and made sure that we were able to experience it for ourselves. We saw loads of temples and the Ganga Ghats. She also have connections at the places you will visit that you can go “behind the scenes” where the public are not always welcome. Tourists can take a spirited walk through the Ghats of Ganga and then eat a delicious lunch together.

About Our Female/Women Tour guide

Our Female Tour Guide has passion for her work and loads of enthusiasm. Her warmth and confident attitude, combined with her knowledge and teaching abilities, made this tour a memorable highlight ofy our India trip.  She also provides opportunities to have a nice cultural exchange with the people.

Why Female/Women Guide

As a woman tourist traveling solo in Varanasi, Tourists look for a FEMALE tour guide to not only show them the sights, but also to accompany them for shopping, eating, exploring, etc. Which can be fulfilled by a FEMALE tour guide.

There are a lot of recommendations for tour guides on Internet, but they are individuals and paid listings on most of the travel sites. Varanasi City Tour provides educated female tour guide who can really help you to explore Varanasi, shopping, eating etc.

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